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10 Day Fast Track Package

No need to stress about finding all the moving parts to updating and creating your own website content. Video training introduces my favorite simple online business resources. Online coaching provides support and guidance creating your starter content.


This DIY website toolkit has an overview of my favorite resources that won’t break the bank, make you learn any code, or require a big time commitment. Your website is good to go 10 days after you turn in the content I’ll coach you to create.

  • 6 months of free hosting
  • 5 page Customized WordPress Website
  • 10 days to a Business Website Launch Workbook
  • Video Training on how to create and update your content
  • Business branding color palette of your choosing
  • 3 one on one coaching sessions within the first 30 days
  • Website’s ready 10 days after submitting your content
  • Everything you need for basic business marketing in one place
  • Go at your own pace creating content once your site’s live
  • Start connecting with clients and customers quickly


30 Day Launch Package

Your WordPress website is customized with content I coach you to create. Comes with video training included for how to update it easily yourself. Ongoing coaching helps you become comfortable with the DIY process of managing your own website. You’ve got this, you’ve just got to get started.


If you need a logo, and photos, and a little extra support creating your content I’ve got you. In 30 days or less we’ll work together to get your content rockin’ and your website ready to roll. Taking the first steps are the hardest. I’ll virtually hold your hand.

  • everything included in fast track package plus
  • simple starter logo
  • pixel for facebook ad improvement
  • mobile responsive and friendly
  • blog or vlog
  • accept paypal payment
  • book appointments
  • collect emails
  • 3 additional (6 total) one on one coaching sessions
  • Get help easily creating and updating your starting content for confidence going forward 
  • Discover how basic marketing and branding can give your small business a big boost  
  • coaching starts with your why and helps you attract ideal clients through targeted branding


Content Co-Creation Package

Tell me your vision, answer some simple questions, send me a few pictures, and create a couple free online accounts. Magical virtual assistants do the techie stuff and I get your content dialed in. Co-Creation projects can be launched in as little as 7 days.


Work together to create your content for your website. Get more comfortable with the process and find your natural voice for writing copy for your website and marketing material. From the heart, with an offer that will improve the quality of life of your ideal client.

  • everything included in 30 Day Launch Package plus
  • co-created content
  • 3 additional coaching sessions (9 total)
  • Find your voice to easily write marketing copy from your heart and overcome writer’s block when creating content.
  • Discover which style of media you are the most naturally suited for: video, audio, written
  • gain more confidence and comfort creating videos even without showing your face if preferred.


To schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery session for helpful tips on your business website project, just pick a time. We will connect soon through zoom.

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