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This sh*t has legit raised my quality of life. Big time. Drinking celery juice when I wake up on an empty stomach and waiting a half hour before eating anything else has helped:

  • manage the symptoms of my thyroid autoimmune disorder
  • balance my blood sugar
  • improve digestion
  • improve mood

My mom had a good explanation that it helps her, ‘do the things…’

My brother, uncle, and aunt also swear by it. My aunt uses it in her successful journey of remission from stage 4 cancer.

This now super popular trend was started by a dude who goes by the Medical Medium. Anthony William. He’s the other of many awesome books, the latest and in my opinion greatest because of it’s all-inclusiveness of his body of work, Cleanse to Heal.

The most important things to know are:

  1. wash the celery thoroughly
  2. don’t eat or drink anything before unless it’s lemon water, at least 20 minutes beforehand
  3. don’t eat or drink anything until at least 20 minutes after (including water)
  4. shoot for at least 16 oz to get the benefits


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