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Marshall Rosenberg PhD, has given public permission for anyone to teach his Non-Violent Communication method as they understand it. Referring to it as compassionate communication…So here it goes…

Before you practice compassionate communication it can be helpful to do a few things:

  • Inspired by the Imago Dialogue, ask the person if this is a good time to talk. And if not now, when…
  • Get your vibe right beforehand so the person you talk to is less likely to feel triggered or defensive
  • Get clear about needs and boundaries so you can clearly express expectations to get your needs met

A simple starting place for compassionate communication

  1. When you do this (specific behavior you’d like to see change)
  2. I’m feeling this (take responsibility for your own feelings)
  3. It would mean a lot to me if you would (ask for what you want)
  4. would you do that for me? (are you willing to do this?)


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