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“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.” ~ Brene Brown 

Strong boundaries help transform aggressive reactions into assertive responses. When we can actually get our needs met with our words there’s way less need to get aggressive. Non-Violent Communication can be helpful to get your needs met. Especially combined with the Imago dialogue where you ask the person you’re trying to communicate with if this is a good time. And if not, when would be a better time… Changed game!

Knowing your strengths increases your self-worth and helps you create stronger boundaries. Gallup is an organization that conducts polls. A poll they conducted on strengths was turned into a test you can take that show you your greatest strengths. Usually used for work, this can give you a huge boost in the ‘know thyself’ department. Knowing your worth helps you believe you deserve to establish healthier boundaries.

No is a complete sentence… It’s a great place to start.

Another awesome first step is to stop saying sorry for your boundaries when you express them.

You are worth it… You deserve it… That’s some real sh*t! 

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