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the western woman just might SAVE the WORLD

But not before she saves herself!

“the world will be saved by the western woman” ~ Dalai Lama

she ROSE journey is the art of rewriting your life story…. as the hero. You are not what happened to you. You are a survivor. Strong. Beautiful. And worthy of LOVE as is… full stop. This is my generational trauma first aid kit. I’ve got you… You’ve got this!


I’m Audrie

The Feminine Empowerment Futurist


The oldest most practical magic is focused intention. Collective intention’s everything right now. Changing your individual story CAN  change many lives starting with your own.

 The future of feminism isn’t against men. It’s against skeevy perves and gender pay gaps. 

I help women help themselves to transform past patterns of pain so she can become a leader in business & life

  I’ve got you. You’ve got this

Save a princess? F*ck that! Let her save herself…”

Mark Manson in his 2020 audible original, 'Love is not Enough'



Dance is a simple soul level way to express, flow through, and let go of difficult emotions. Painful past experiences can get stuck in our lower chakras on a cellular level. Dance, especially moving the hips, is a feel-good way to move through these emotions so they...

Celery Juice
Celery Juice

This sh*t has legit raised my quality of life. Big time. Drinking celery juice when I wake up on an empty stomach and waiting a half hour before eating anything else has helped: manage the symptoms of my thyroid autoimmune disorder balance my blood sugar improve...

Compassionate Communication
Compassionate Communication

Marshall Rosenberg PhD, has given public permission for anyone to teach his Non-Violent Communication method as they understand it. Referring to it as compassionate communication...So here it goes... Before you practice compassionate communication it can be helpful to...

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